Feed Promo


With Mold finally in the last stretch of post-production (sidetracked for a few months by a few more involved gigs), I’ve begun work on the second film in the Loops series, called Feed. A couple weeks ago, I took some promo images for the film with the lead role (and only role) Bianca Hoffman. This was a chance to get a sense for how the location lights and photographs.

It was difficult to choose an image as there were a couple candidates that I liked, but I ended up with this one, which is a hybrid of the best elements from my two favorite images from the shoot.

I’m definitely not a graphic designer though–any suggestions from my more layout and typeface inclined friends on the text?

At the moment, I’m considering launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the rental costs and to pay the crew. This promo image, and probably a trailer from Mold would serve as materials to illustrate the idea.

Previs vs. Vis

Loops, Mold

I don’t expect to be blogging much, but I figured I could use this space to give out some updates on the process of my current personal project “Loops”.

This is a little chart I made that matches my storyboard frames to the frames that were shot for the first in the series “Mold”. Making it was a fun little exercise to check the calibration of my previsualization to visualization.