2 comments on “Feed Promo

  1. wow cool! The image-reflection looks cool and graphic. What a great silhouette! Lips, nose, eyelashes! It looks a little like she has a hairy hand, maybe you wanna retouch that LoL.

    The type can definitely improve, and maybe you want to make your gradients on top and bottom of the image a little longer. As for what to do about the type, it depends a lot on the concept and personality of the short—which I totally ignore. We can talk and I can help you anytime if you want, just let me know.

    • Thanks Luis! I think those are all great points. I meant to retouch the non-silhouetted part of her hand but rushed this version out– but I think it will be worth doing when I incorporate your suggestions for the typeface. I’ll catch you on chat for more input!

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